I am unable to compose an html email. I can receive and read them all day
long. Switching to html view, I cannot enter text into the body of the
email. I cannot use the format buttons on the toolbar. If I compose an email
in plain text and switch to html, the text disappears and any attempt to
send causes the client to crash. The error message states that an
instruction referenced memory and the memory could not be read. The only
option is to click OK to terminate the program. I have uninstalled, used the
5.5 Cleanup agent, edited the registry, reinstalled, all to no avail.

Any suggestions? This is unique to my machine. I work for a school district
as system admin and have installed hundreds of GroupWise clients, but my
machine is the only one I have ever seen with this particular problem. I
would welcome any suggestions on where to look next.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Szymanski
Computer Services
"We aim to please."
Laurens School District 56
600 E. Florida St.
Clinton, SC 29325
(864) 833-0802 ext. 136
Fax(864) 833-0804

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