This is not a blatant plug for a product but it may help with your
problem. If you scan high volumes of documents you may be better of with a
dedicated product called ViewWise which is built specifically for scanning
and is a full DMS. It also integrates fully with GroupWise find and save
functions. (It can also automatically archive all incoming/outgoing mail)

The reason I mention it is that you can restrict and mandate the field
(index data) which would help eliminate the mistakes your interns are
making. i.e. they can select from pre-defined lists or have entry limited
by masks. You can define your own property sheets and fields (document
types and indices).

You may find details at Then go to
solutions>document management

> We are struggling with writing procedures for saving scanned pdf files

> GW libraries. We have an instances of corrupt imports, improper filling

> of property sheets and importing into the wrong library. I understand

> this is mostly user education, but scanning is such an "interesting" job
> that the turnover rate is rather high and sometimes pushed off to

> hence I am trying to write a detailed procedure to supplement initial

> ongoing training. I am wondering if anyone has written procedures they
> would care to share that address issues related to this function as I am

> sure I am not missing something. Don't hesitate to send these to me
> directly, and thanks in advance.