just upgraded GW 6.5 SP4 to GW 7.0 (2 domains, 1 PO, 2 GWIA, 1 WA.)
managers used to create tasks (Word documents) in a library and send
references to these tasks to users (their team members) and (sometimes)
to other managers. managers used to get references to library documents
(as they have rights in the library) and users used to get snapshots of
the documents (as they don't have rights in libraries.) it worked fine in
GroupWise since some 6.0 version (or probably we used it even in
GroupWise 5.x.) now when users get a document reference they receive
document snapshot (in attachment), but it is empty or they can't open it.

does it mean that document snapshots are NOT supported anymore in
GroupWise 7.0? have quickly read documentation and didn't notice any
trace of this feature change.

any ideas? (should we open a support incident? would it really help or
it's a product bug and we should live with it?)

thanks a lot in advance for any ideas,