I set up a new GW 6.0 POA on a new server and everything works except I
canít figure out how to find documents posted by one user with another
user. Iíve tested message flow with an account on the POA and that seems
to work fine. Iíve been able to log into Webaccess with a user on the new
POA. I can post documents but I canít seem to share them. The only problem
I find with the new POA is that I get an error when going to properties of
the POA object (the one called POA inside the post office) that says
GroupWise information is not available and that synchronization might
still be in process. Iím not sure this would cause me to not be able to
share documents but itís the only thing I can think of. To tell the truth
Iím trying to figure out how document management works, Iíve followed the
documentation and if everything is working write on the system I would
have to say the documentation is wrong.