Hi There!

We are looking to implement a library for an existing GW654
Client (Waiting with Baited Breath for GW7 which seems to
have a BUNCH of bugs with DMS.

Right now restoring data from lost documents is very easy
either with Backup Software or Salvage.
If I store the documents at the library, is it difficult to
restore single files quickly and easily from something like
Backup Exec 9.1? Which method is most reliable to use, I can
use GWTSA or TSAFS but TSA FS seems to have a lot of
downsides. Is GWTSA Supported on GW654/GW7?

I have also noticed, though its possible this is a GW7 only
bug, that when I create documents after I have created new
custom fields, they are not visible as they should be, and
the only way you know they are there at all, is if you set
them as required, so that when you tell it to create the
document, the field becomes visible and demands an entry.

Is it possible to take an attachment directly from an Email
in GW *TO* dms, or is the only way to save it to file
system, and then import it?

Are there any known gotcha's for DMS in GW654 that I should
know about? Any broken features?

I am imagining that the number of documents for this site
should be under 10,000 and I am thinking the best way is to
just have a single post office (20 users) and have the files
in the post office rather than separate storage area. I have
been told a separate POA for indexing is smart. Would this
apply here?

Because I want to simplify document sharing and ownership, I
am thinking of enforcing ownership of documents to be a user
that will never leave like a virtual user docman or similar,
this way documents will never get orphaned, but I am not
certain of the wiseness of such a thing.. any comments?

Any assistance greatly appreciated. If you would be so kind
as to copy any replies to email below I would appreciate

andre@sapphiresolutionsnospam.co.nz (remove the nospam from
before .co.nz