Not the best start I had hoped for sadly,

I have GW654 and am performing an import > Entire Folder,
picked 2 directories I wanted, which I assumed would include
all files and subfolders, which it does not by default.
Seems very erractic.
If I select the parent and then click add, then it will add
the directory names to the list of folders to add, but only
does this for folders which you expand once its parent is

Also for some reason I get E811 errors when I tried to
remove the documents, and then again deleting them from
trash. Could this be because it imported some documents
which have no
program associated with them?

If I add 2GB of Documents to GW and then remove them, when
does the DB return to its original size? Does a Maintain
need to be run?

Also I had an issue whereby when I opened an attachment it
told me it could not monitor Winword.exe and every file I
opened needed to be manually reset.

This is a Office 2003 site running GW654.