We have just setup a library (GW6). Now a specific workgroup would like a
couple of documents added there, with different access for different users
in that WG.

So, what I did was that I shared a folder and imported some documents into
that folder which was place in our library. Now, some time has passed and
just now i realized, wtf. it's only a shared personal folder that lives and
dies with my own account... This is no good.

Ofcourse, the document resides in the library it says. But all the usermgmt
is done on the personal(shared) folder.

Do you have to place the document "inside" a shared folder?
Can't you just place the documents "on" the library and just have the
shares on the documents directly (and only). I as admin would then just
grant people different rights to the library.

Please, help me sort this one out.
What steps are to be done?