We recently upgraded to GW7 from GW6, after migrating server to new
hardware and from 5.1 to 6.5 SP3 using migration wizard. All paths and
addresses stayed the same as with the GroupWise 6.0

I have installed the 7.0 Client on only IT department computers. All
other users are still on the 6.0 client. Those people that are running
the GroupWise 7.0 client cannot access documents in a folder that was
shared to them if they are in Caching Mode. When attempting to open a
document they get a "GroupWise has encountered a problem with your
mailbox." message. If they respond "Yes" on the Rebuild Mailbox? question
the client hangs. If they respond "No" the window closes and the document
then opens. This happens each time a document is accessed. If they
switch to Online mode, all works well and without errors.

I am running the client FTF dated 11/16/05 which resolved some issues but
not this one. I have not installed any FTFs for Agents on the server.

Any help will really be apprecciated since I connot upgrade clients till
resolved--we have many travelers that are in Remote/Cahing mode.