I was getting a bunch of "Problem 82- Inaccessible attachment file" when i
ran a GWCHECK.

I ran an Analyze/Fix Contents on the affected Post Office. Marked only
"Contents", "Fix problems", "User" and "Message" with "ATTCLIP" as the
support option.

When i rerun the GWCHECK the "Problem 82's" have dissapeared but i now have
errors like this:
- Checking directory FD68
- Error checking file 43A97BC9.000, IO_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x8209)
(which correspond to the problem 82's)
When i look in the OFFILES/FD68 dir i can see the files but i can't delete

I am assuming that these files are corrupted, I would like to know if
anyone knows why these files would get corrupted and how to rectify the

Any thoughts or advice would be much apreciated, thanks in advance.

PS When i run a backup job on the Novell server i get the similar errors on
the same files "insufficient privilege for 43A97BC9.000 - skipped"