I have a GW 6.5.2 environment.
Two servers each runnning a POA and a third server running MTA and
GWIA. These servers are running NetWare 6.0-SP5. GroupWise WebAccess is
via Win 2000 (IIS).

We had never used doc. libraries before until last week. That is when
director asked me to set her up so she can use DMS features of
GroupWise. I created a test libray and set the storage area to reside
on a server that is not running the POA. I gave specific users access
rights and made myself the Librarian.

Now we can use DMS but when I check the storage area on the other
server and it is empty. It seems that documents are beiong stored in

Have I set things up worng? How could I set it to store outside of the