Hi, I am having a problem restoring a GroupWise library that was deleted.
The system is Suse Linux 9 with GroupWise 6.5.
Actually it's the Small Business Package, which makes a difference in the
features and tools available.
I deleted the default library "GWPO Library" not knowing anyone was using
it, but made a backup right before. I made that backup using the "dbcopy"
program on the domain and the PO. When I shutdown GroupWise and replace
the domain and post office folders then restart it, there doesnít seem to
be any problems, the library shows up in the GroupWise domain but not in
the eDirectory domain. I can connect with a client and see the files that
I need to get in the library, there are only 12 of them, but they cannot be
opened. I can delete the files, and look at the information of them, but
cannot open them it simply fires up the application and starts a new file.
All of the emails are accessible and up to the date of the backup. Files
in Libraries that still exist now and that have not changed are not
accessible. This server only hosts about 13 people with just over 6 gigs
of data. I have a full backup of the entire computer that was actually
made on the same day but I am not sure if it was before or after the
deletion. Ohh and the Library is stored in the Post Office, I cannot get
it to use a storage location I think it may be prevented in the small
business package.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You