Im new to managing documents in Groupwise. However, some employees are
wanting to colaborate on some documents and I thought I would setup a
library for them to use.

I have created the library object in NDS and have manually created a
folder on one of the servers to use for document storage. While
following the worksheet I have manually typed in the unc path to this
folder so this library will use that particular folder for storage.

After getting to the end of the (rather simple) worksheet, I can see
the new library from within groupwise just fine. Under the Documents
section are 2 folders: Authored and Default Library. We are using
Groupwise 6.5 After highlighting Default Library (after setting my
default to the new one I just created), I right click in the open area
and select New => Document (it doesnt matter what I choose.. from
Microsoft Word to a Text document). I then put in a title for the
document and hit OK. Then I get the following error:

Unable to create new document.
8210: GroupWise cannot open the post office files. yadda yadda yadda

I have a feeling that there needs to be some way to assigne rights to
the Library to utilize the particular folder I created. However, I do
not see anything resembeling that in the worksheet anywhere. (almost as
if its assuming a lot of things that it should not be). Can anyone give
me a push in the right direction on what Im needing to do to get this
setup correctly?