Hi all,

I have a user and one of her documents is unable to open (Excel
spreadsheet). She asked me to retrieve the last backup of it. I've
never had to retrieve a document from backup. I went into the properties
of the document and selected the Activity Log tab.

I have tried going through our backup system's catalog looking for a
previous version of the file, but almost all the file in the Activity log
have not been backed up. I can see why some wouldn't be because some may
have changed names throughout the day and the backup system would back up
the last file created for that document. However, not even the last file
created is getting backed up.

Does anyone have any insight as to how these BLOB files are created, and
when they are deleted (life span)? This is a big document for this
person; she needed a backup from January, but so far I've gone all the
way back to last September and still can't find a backed up copy. I know
it may be the way our backups are set up, but I can't find anything wrong
with the jobs that back the libraries up.

Thanks in advance,