GW6Sp4 Client and Server in C/S Mode.

Workstations: XP Sp1 and SP2.

Problem: When a user proxies into another user's account and they attempt
to attach a document using a document reference, a D10B error occurs.

Restated: User A grants access FULL proxy access to User B (by full
access, I mean every right possible). User B goes into User A's email via
PROXY on the GWClient and sends email with no library document references
just fine. User B creates an email on User A's behalf via Proxy (again)
but this time attempts to attach a document via Document Reference OR by
just dragging the document into the attachment field via another "New Main
GW Window" the result is a D10B error indicating that that User A does not
have rights to the document. The document rights are there.

In addition, while in Proxy, User B cannot see any contents of User A's
document folder.

Question: is this an error or by design?