Hi Alan,

An FTF is a Field Test File - so called because it's a test (beta) file
that's been put "into the field" for people to use, test and report on.
They're precursors if you like to Service Packs (sometimes called
Support Packs or SPs).

Each FTF usually has a version attributed to it by using a letter - for
instance, fwa701g.exe is an Ftf for WebAccess version 7.0. The 1 refers
to "this will likely be in SP1" and the g denotes it as being the 7th
revision of the ftf (not all revisions are made public so don't be
surprised if letters aren't "sequential").

Usually when you download an FTF, there will be details available with
it which will tell you what release it is, what it contains and what it
is intended to fix (and enhance if you're lucky!). The FTFs usually
have a build date on them as well - you should be able to see this on
whatever you've applied the FTF to (eg: if applied to the client, Help |
About should show the revision & date).

Look here for a vast selection of FTFs - and enjoy!


Alan Humphries wrote:
> I am just getting involved with Groupwise 7 and taking a closer involvement
> in administration.
> Many posts here refer to the need to have the correct FTF file (version?) of
> the GW7 client.
> Please help someone who does not understand this abbreviation.
> What is meant by FTF? How do establish which FTF version of the clent I am
> using? Where do I go in the Novell site to download the FTF version that I
> need?
> Thank You
> Alan Humphries
> Deputy Principal
> Goulburn Valley Grammar School
> Shepparton Vic 3630
> Australia