1. USER1 shares a folder (using all defaults) with USER2 and puts
a .txt, .doc, and a gw email in the folder. And has no trouble
any of the files.
2. USER2 receives the share and tries to open the .txt or .doc file
(makes no difference, if the document was created outside of GW this
error will happen) and receives this error, ""GroupWise has
encountered a
problem with your
mailbox. Groupwise can rebuild your mailbox. Rebuild mailbaox? y/n".
they answer "yes" GW may or may not freeze. If they answer "no" the
document will open following a "How do you want to open the document"
dialog box.
3.If USER2 opens the gw mail inside the shared folder, it works
4.If USER2 goes into online mode and accesses the same documents. It
works flawlessly.
5.USER2 is about to pull out his hair!!

Running on GW7 agents
Clients are mix of 7 and 7sp1b

This problem is not discriminating. It happens to everyone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.