I have a customer running 6.0 SP4 with multiple libraries, one of which is
"Archive" -- happens to be the first library in the list. No changes have
been made to Novell nor to GW recently.

They are using WordPerfect 11. Here's the problem:

1. In WP, click File-->Open.
2. In the GW Open dialog box, click on the Documents folder.
3. The library changes to Archive -- it should display their default library
but doesn't
4. Change the library to the correct one
5. Type in the document number you want to open.

Get this Error: E823: Invalid transport server identifier.

Now, if we repeat the steps but replace step #5 with double-clicking the
document from the documents folder insteading of typing in the document
number, no error occurs and the document opens just fine.

Also, if we follow all the steps but skip #2 (leave the cursor sitting on
Mailbox), the document opens fine and no error ocurs.

This issue appeared last week with a user but has been an issue with a
different user for about 2 years (she has just always worked around it).

About half the users do not have this problem. For those people Step #3
always displays their default library, as you would expect.

Yes, we can work around it. But I'm curious as to what is causing this.
More importantly, is it a symptom of a bigger problem? Or will it progress
to everyone, seeing that it newly appeared last week for one user.

I've searched for the error message both in this forum and in Novell support
but no luck. Any ideas?