GroupWise 7 client and server - we do not integrate our documents with the
appropriate applications when installing GroupWise clients.

Until recently when double clicking on a document in the library - either
by browsing the library directly or using Find - GroupWise fired up the
appropriate application (usually MS word from Office 2003) then loaded the
document, returning it to the library when you had finished editing.

We are now being asked to select the application to be used to open the
document, even though the icon for the file type in the library shows the
correct application.

This has started recently for me and other users. As far as I know we have
made no changes. Is there any way to force GroupWise to use the appropriate
application without prompting the user.

This problem does not occur if I use Windows Explorer to browse documents
on the local machine or on the network - so Windows knows the correct
application to use to open the .doc files.