Hello all,

I performed a top-down rebuild on our GroupWise system on Sunday morning.
Everything seemed to be fine all day Monday until the last hour before
going home (of course). A couple users at one of branch locations are
having problems opening and closing their documents.
They are on a different P.O. from the main site. Whenever they open a
document, and then do a File--> Close, they get the following error:

Unable to return document to the library.
8209: File does not exist.
library name here: 486.1

Now, if we click Ok to the message, and try to reopen the file from the
library again, they get a different error message:

Unable to open the document.
E501: The requested document version is in use, checked out, archived,
or otherwise not available.
In use (user's name here)
library name here: 486.1

If the user or I reset the document status, and only check the option
to "Mark the document as available", then we can open the document
again. But the same cycle happens over again, starting with trying to
close the file.

This is happening for almost all documents for the users who reported
this. Other users of that library/P.O. are out of the office that week.

I have attempted to do a Synchronize, and Analyze/Fix Library and
Database on that library, to no avail.

Any suggestions? I still have a copy of the P.O.'s database file before
performing the rebuild on it.

Thanks in advance,