At our legal firm, we have one GW 6.5.4 server used for email, and also
contains over 1 million documents in 13 libraries.
The problem is finding time each night to schedule a structure check on
document databases, in addition to running mailbox checks and our nightly
Out GroupWise system is over 210GB, and when we start the structure check on
document databases, it sometimes finishes around 10:30am (starts at 3pm).
This slows down users normal GroupWise usage to painful response times
(especially when nearing the end of the scheduled event process). We have
200 users all using the one post office.

Any ideas in regards to getting around this problem. We cant have this
process running whilst backup takes place, as the backups increase
drastically in time as well.
Can't really set it earlier in the morning either.
Would it be ok to do a structure check on doc db's once a week?
We do also prefer to do full backups each night of our GW server.