we are using the GW 7.01 Client on Windows 2003 Terminalserver with Citrix.
All Servers are nearly identical.
But on some Servers we have problems with the DMS functionality in point of
PDF documents in the libary. And only PDFs.
All Office doscuments are working fine.

When we open a PDF document from the libary there will come a message that
GW can't controll the ACRORD32.EXE and can't check the document back in. We
have to check the PDF document back by hand.

But when we reboot the Server and login as local Admin first and try it
than as local Admin it looks like everythink works fine.

As Backround information:
We don't have any entry in the gwappint.ini for the PDFs.
We are using the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.8

I know that there was Problems with the Reader 7.0.0.
Do anyone know somethink about it?

Thanks a lot