Per my last posting below, I am having problems with a user accessing
documents from a library. Initially, I had problems with two other
users, making a total of 3. Those two users' GW accounts are based at
the PO where that library is. I found that the document storage area
path was actually typed in using a distinguished path format
(\\tree\.server.container.ou), but I then changed it by taking the
periods out, and it works fine for these two users.
The problem that remains is the 3rd user. His GW account is hosted by a
different PO. He then physically logs into the location where this
problem library is and cannot access the documents ("document does not
exist error"). But if he goes back to the location he's based from and
logs in there, he can access the documents fine.
A couple questions. Does anyone have any suggestions besides the
standalone GWCHECK.EXE (I've tried this with various parameters selected,
various times)? Also, I was wondering if performing a "Delete and
Regenerate All QuickFinder Indexes" on the PO of that library would help
the issue, or make matters worse? Is there any way to perform this step
and resort to a backup of the index files should it make matters worse?

Thanks in advance,