I have a site where there are 9 GroupWise libraries, each in a
separate post office. Everyone has all rights to all libraries, so
anyone can put any document into the appropriate place (libraries are
by function).

One user can no longer put documents into one of the libraries. The
rest are fine, just problems with one - and just with her.

She gets a D101 error when she tries to save a new document in one of
the libraries. She can open an existing document, change it and save
it. She cannot add a new document to the library. Other people can add
documents without any problem.

The problem follows her if she uses GroupWise from a different
machine. I had her login to GroupWise with her ID on a machine where a
different user was logged into NetWare. Same problem. I had hoped it
would be a workstation issue, but no luck there.

Then I did various library maintenance. Then I decided that it was a
visibility problem, so I checked the user visibility - system. Then I
decided that the problem post office didn't know about her, so I
rebuilt the post office database after renaming the original wphost to
make sure that nothing remained.

I have no idea what to do next. She really needs to use the library
and has several thousand documents already in the problem library, so
it's not really feasible to do anything too drastic that would make
her lose her work.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Carol Ann