Hi there,

I've built a Delphi app which lists the MailBox content
(that is, using method Find: '(MAIL) AND (BOX_TYPE = INCOMING)'
and same thing for the SentItems: '(MAIL) AND (BOX_TYPE = OUTGOING)')

All is working great except one thing: messages are not listed according
to the sort order defined in GroupWise. The sorting order used seems to
be CreationDate ASC while I would like to have it CreationDate DESC (the
more recent messages followed by the older ones).

I could extract all messages to an array and then sort the array but if
the user have 3 months archive, all messages need to be scan before
returning results...

Is there a way to select a Sort field before looping through messages
(something like a Sort: 'ORDER BY CREATION_DATE DESC'?

Thanks a lot for reading,

Rej Cloutier