Let me start by saying I am fairly new to Novell administration and
very new to Netware 6.5 and Groupwise 7.

I have been tasked with installing GroupWise 7 on a netware 6.5 server
with clients on Windows XP and continue to encounter issues connecting
via TCP/IP.

I have run the install for GroupWise 7 in multiple fashions and since
this is a production server with very little running on it I have been
able to remove/reinstall almost at will and have noticed errors occur
in many strange places along the way

Here are some of the issues on the latest install that I have
encountered. The install appeared to go off without a hitch (watching
the console window when the agent ran there were no errors).

- When I run the Groupwise client i attempts to connect to the server
that I installed to ( and fails. The login screen
comes up with "unable to connect to the TCP/IP address" in the gray

- The IP address is listed correctly but it never connects and fails
after a few attempts.

- If I put the remote mailbox path to the postoffice directory
Groupwise will launch and function after an account creation.

- I have scanned the ports on to find that none of the
MTA or POA ports listed during the install are showing open or

This seems to be getting way to complicated for a standard install of
Groupwise 7 on a fairly new install of Novell 6.5. Any help would be

Thank you in advance.