Windows Server 2K3 SP1 3.0GHz Intel CPU, 4GB RAM
Groupwise 7.0.1 Interim Release 1 English
1 MTA, 4 POA's, 1 GWIA, 1 Webaccess

So here is what has happened. On Tuesday night we applied the
GroupWise 7 SP2 Beta Hot Patch 1 for the GWIA due to the problem with
appointments from Exchange to Groupwise being pushed 1 hour ahead.
Because we had to take down the the server anyway we went ahead and
created a new POA using the the above IR1 taking us from 3 to 4 POA's.
However, the new POA has only one mailbox in it at this time. Web
Access was patched with IR1 a few weeks ago. The update went well.

Since Tuesday whenever our scheduled maintenance is ran on our POA's
we get the following error within the W2K Server event log:

Faulting application gwpoa.exe, version, faulting module
gwenv1a.dll, version, fault address 0x00261394.

After a few of these errors it takes the POA down. We receive several
DF28 errors as well as Failure using the 'ngwcheck.db' database
errors. So we delete/rename the ngwcheck.db file within the POA
directory which allows us to restart the service but eventually it
will go down again. If we stop the maintenance then the POA stays up
without issue. The maintenance we run nightly is Mailbox/Library

What concerns me is the fact that the above version numbers are

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Is the version difference
OK? I can eliminate the problem by not running maintenance seeing how
it isn't doing anything anyway but that really isn't a good idea.

Thanks for any suggestions.