Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I always seem to get the following error whenever I try to restore GW items from a restore area:

GroupWise Error [c081] Missing BLOB file on add/modify

Currently, I'm running GW 7.0.2 on OES Linux SP2. I've restored my PO dir (all files in root of PO, entire ofmsg dir and the ofuser folder with the fid db of the user). From the client, I File | Open Backup and it opens the restored account just fine. However, on a good number of e-mails that I try to open, for example, I get the above error. Most are OK, but on the ones I get the error, the message opens up after I OK, but it has no detail/message in the body.

For what it's worth, my PO lives under /media/nss/DATA/poname. The restored is under /media/nss/DATA/restore/poname.

Anyone have any idea that might be helpful?

Thanks again,


Bill Scully

Senior Network Engineer and Administrator
Trinity International University
Information Technology