I am trying to install the gateway for exchange ver 2 and get an error that says directory synchronization must be running on the server. I found a TID10095641 that describes the error but the registry keys are for Exch 2000. I have Exchange 2003 and they dont match. In previous post someone said I should be using it instead of the MS connector and the API gateway but if it doesn't support 2003 then I can't use it. Quite a few of you say you have the API gateway working to transfer mail but I cannot get mail to flow from GW to MS exchange. An error occurs that say it could not get information from the message and there are nd recipients. It seems that this should not be that difficult but is turning out to be. The API gateway gives the same message even without the ms connector running. Nothing ever gets to the API_OUT or ATT_OUT folders. Any help with settings etc would be appreciated.