i currently run groupwise 6.5.1 but will go to 7 soon
this links to another groupwise domain - as an external for groupwise
address book syncs etc

3 of our sister organisations run exchange 2003

i need to get a way that we can see each others address books
all of us use different domain suffixs for email addresses and this is to
stay - just want to see the books
one of the orgs i have full access to it - the other 2 i dont and they are
novell haters

how can i do this - i have downloaded the beta of sp2 beta but can see any
real docs on it
the old docs say you need console1 , netware client and groupwise on the
exchnage box which isnt an option for us really or for 2 of them it isnt
is this still the case or any thoughts on a solution