I have a GroupWise 6.0 system that connects to the Exchange system the
city runs over the GroupWise Gateway for MS Exchange. I am able to get
mail to flow between the 2 systems no problem.

The City hosts the MX record for my SMTP addresses, and on our GW 5.5
system, we use to use the API gateway with Exchange Connector.

According to the docs, I do not need an API gateway with the GW Gatewas
for MS Exchange.

My problem, is when I try to send SMTP mail out the client tells me the
address is invalid. So I created an addressing rule to append the
gateway.dopmain to the end of all addresses that contained the @ symbol.
This worked to send the mail to the Gateway, but it was immediately
returned over the gateway and it converted the address
dave_maller@hotmail.com to hotmail.com.dave_maller (groupWise native

Do I need to install GWIA and have it relay off the City SMTP server to
send internet email? How about for receiving?