Hello - Sorry, new to NDSEngineers and new to API.

I am also having difficulty with API and this is about the only place
where I have found people talking about it - within recent years.

Hopefully someone out there will hear my plea!

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post.

Very simply I am trying to create a data file of our GW accounts which
I can then port through another program to create an Excel

We are running 5.5ep on 5.1 servers.

I created a simple file called "test.api" with:

Operation= list;

And placed it into the API_In Directory. It sits there for a min. or
two and then dissappears.

I get nothing in the API_Out Dir. nor have I been able to find any
trace of any action on the file so far.

I installed the newer API.NLM as posted in this thread but to no

There is very little documentation "out there" on how to actually use
the API for this purpose. I have no exp. programming Novell (and of
course no training).

Question: am I missing something in the Input file?

Question: would the result file just site in the API_Out Dir. or would
it be picked up by the MTA or some other process running on this box
and be sent somewhere else?

Thank you..
Mike R.