I downlodad and installed the Groupwise 7 Notes Gateway (fnotes700.exe)
on a WinXP machine and made all the configuration explained in the manual.

It's working OK except for 3 things:
1. When the Notes users are synchronized to Groupwise the Obbject ID in
Goupwise are built of the shortname in Notes. Because Notes is not using
shortname for addressing it don't have to unique in Notes and in my case
I have a lot of duplicates (on shortname in Notes)which are not createed
in Groupwise. Is it possible to change from shortname to someting else
when creating users in Groupwise?

2.Is it poosible to book Notes resources from Groupwise through the Notes

3. If you from Notes invite a Groupwise person to a meeting the notify
message does not get through but the other way aroud works, from Groupwise
to Notes, any idea?

Thanks in advance

//Fredrik Carlsson