I have tested the new Async Gateway and was particulary interested in one issue:

I am deploying GW in a system were there is one GWIA in the "shore" office, connected to a "hub" MTA that will be connecting several GW POA's within one GW system. That is straigth forward, but the only thing here is that these other POA's are on seagoing vessels that will be connecting to the landbased system via Sattelite.

We want to control mails coming from destined for these vessels and also control mails that are outgoing to the internet from the vessels. So all mail is routed through "hub-MTA" and connections between this MTA and the vessels MTA are made through Async (ISDN is used over these Sattelite connections)

This works gr8 and also the syncing of info across these links works pretty good .... except for one thing: reply on messages that originate from the internet and are delivered through the Async gateways.

When you are on the vessel and receive through the Async Gateway a message from the internet (from the GWIA) the internet email address is listed as "external" and when you look at the creator / originator in the properties of the mail you see the path that this message followed to get to you .... not the internet email address.

Now I understood that this was due to the fact that the Async Gateway is using a 4.x database model that doesn't facilitate the internet email address from the sender. Had hoped that the 7.x Async Gateway would be using a newer database layout to be able to facilitate reply to messages from the internet.

Just in case: Email messages send from a vessel to : abc@internet.com are send without any problem (through syncing the systems through async the GWIA of the head office is known on the ships system and therefor internet addressing is possible)

I must admit .... maybe I am doing somthing wrong, if that is the case can anyone shed some light

Else: can someone post this with the developers of the gateway and ask them to upgrade the database to facilitate this ?

Rgds and thank you in advance,