Microsoft Exchange to GroupWise gateway
Novell API gateway 4.1 with latest patch.

I am using the Microsoft gateway that comes with Exchange 2003 SP2.

I have two questions regarding this gateway.

1. When it is working where in the two systems do you find the contact
information that is created by the gateway for the two systems? With the
Novell gateway in AD you see a new OU called GroupWise that contains the
contacts created from the GroupWise system and in Groupwise it creates a
external domain with the contacts for the Exchange system. With the
Microsoft gateway where do you look to find out if the contacts are being
created in both systems?

2. I have setup and configured the Microsoft gateway with the API gateway
on Novell. The problem I am having is that the gwrouter.exe piece is
having a problem logging into netware. I have verified the account is
created properly and the login information is setup correctly in the
Microsoft connector. This is the weird part that I do not understand. I
can start the GWROUTER.EXE manually from the exchange directory and it
logs in find and starts processing the connector informaton, when I run
the exchange GW router as a service it errors out.

The error I receive in the event viewer is:

Source: MSExchangeGWRtr
Error occurred when logging on NetWare server. The system error code is
1312. A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been