I don't know on which cathegory my problem exactly fits, so I try it here.

On our Servers is running NetWare6.5Sp5 and GroupWise 7.0 with GWAVA and we
have the following problem:

Some mails customer want to send out come back with the following message:

>>> postmaster@mycompany.de 14.08.2006 18:40 >>>

Undelivered mail : Unknown user: Test@ohtercompany.com
Undelivered mail : Unknown user: novell@anohtercompany.com

This happens with different mail addresses and with different users of our

In my opinion this says that the Mail didn't get out of our mail-system,
but why? The User exists and ohter mail get out well.

Could there perhaps be a problem with Border Manager??? Something with our

I'm gratefull for any help.