I installed the GroupWise Gateway for Lotus Notes Vers. 7 on a Windows 2003
SP1 Server as an Application. I activated the SNMP and installed at the
initial Installation the option for monitoring the Gateway over SNMP. I
configured the SNMP Service on the Windows Server and the Notes Object
correct. The Monitoring Program received traps from the Windows Server but
no Traps from the Notes-Gateway. I check the configuration and find in the
Eventlog the Error message:
"The SNMP Service is ignoring extension agent dll C:\Windows\Ln_SNMP.dll
because it is missing or misconfigured".
I checked the dll but it is available. I copied it manually von the
available file. I tried to register it again with regsrv32. But without

Have someone the same Problem or have someone a solution?

Thanks and regards