Our marketing department wants to move away from traditional mail drops via
Royal Mail to emailing mail drops via GroupWise 7.
The names of recipients, including their email addresses, are contained on
a database and an application is currently working to prepare letters,
envelopes and labels for mail drops. The application now needs adapting
for the communications to be issued electronically.
The database currently being used is Visual FoxPro 6. The database may
be migrated, within the Microsoft Visual Studio suite of software, to
either Visual FoxPro 9 or Visual Basic .NET/SQL Server 2005 in the near
The following VFP6 script sends an email. When tested the user was
already logged onto GroupWise.
oGroupWise = CREATEOBJECT("NovellGroupwareSession")
oAccount = oGroupWise.Login
oWorkfolder = oAccount.WorkFolder
oMessages = oWorkfolder.MESSAGES
oMessage = oMessages.ADD("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL")
oMessage.FromText = ALLTRIM("name@northcroft.co.uk")
oMessage.Subject = ALLTRIM(" My subject line text. ")
oMessage.BodyText = ALLTRIM(" My email body text. ")
recip = oMessage.Recipients.Add("name@northcroft.co.uk")
RELEASE oGroupWise

But I would rather do this via SMTP Any ideas?