HI All

Just updated from the Beta version of the 7.0 gateway
I have 2 problems

1. I can get it to start as a service. The log shows the application
starting and transfering messages, but its like it hasn't acknoledged
to the service manager that it has started. I extended the timeout to
see if that helped but no change. No error messages in the log. Just
doesn't switch to start

2. This ones more tricky.
I can send HTML emails both ways, but if a groupwise user replies to
an exchange message with HTML in it, then the message arrives with
only the subject - no body.
Also, if a message is sent to a groupwise distribution list which has
some exchange users in it and the message contains HTML.
The groupwise users get the message ok, but the exchange users get
blank messages.

Anyone got any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

Mark Casey
Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd