Installation of GMS701 went without a hitch and worked wonderfully for
about 5 months without a problem.
Moving to a new computer, a new installation was done with the IMS 20 version.
Synchronizing the device (TREO750), a refresh was ordered as the device is
to be discovered by the new IMS 20 server. Data on the device are
essentially to be overwritten by the IMS server. So far so good.
2 problens ensued after the initial synchronization where all info was
pulled from the GroupWise server: The first is that no more synchronization
was taking place between Groupwise and IMS server (only outgoing mail from
the device was being processed). The second was that the TASK list always
showed the same amount of tasks being added and updated. For some of our
users this amounted to several thousands of tasks lists in a matter of 4 to
5 synchronization sessions. I even reverted to the old GMS701 server and
had the same results.

Solution found (could not find any support by Nokia) based on trial and
error: Delete all existing TASKS on the device first then do a refresh/reset!

This applies to both versions of the intellisync mobile suite.

Georges Greaux, Jr.