thanks for the reply, im actually already using the program you have mentioed, the problem is that I can use it
via the cradal but as soon as Im wifi and connect with Active Sync then the PDA connect software
does not work, it just hangs infefinately.

- Thanks, ANdrew

>>> Dave P.<novellrocks@yahoo.com> 17/08/2005 21:50 >>>

From what I understand, the wireless feature of GroupWise is not so much
being able to sync from the mailbox to a wireless handheld but actually a
small mini-browser version of WebAccess.

To sync to a PDA, you would need the GroupWise PDA Connect product - which
is cradle-based sync between GroupWise and your PDA


>>> Andrew G<andrew@NOSPAM.hull-college.ac.uk> 8/17/2005 1:07:51 AM >>>


Im trying to get groupwise to syncronise mail/appointments wirelessly to an
IPAQ, however when it tries to sync is just hangs.

Im connecting to Microsoft Active Sync fine and have left the connection
going once its connected.

ANyone any ideas if this is possible to do and why PDA connect might be
hanging trying to connect ?

Thanks, Andrew