I've set the ESMTP on in versamail like the previous post said. Though I'm
still seeing either relay errors or timeout errors.

We just got the error when I upgraded to Groupwise 7 a couple days ago. I'm
not sure where the problem is. Here is a piece of the log from verbose mode
in gwia.

07:26:09 F9B Accepted IMAP4 connection with: 66.xxx.xx.234
07:26:09 F9B *** NEW PHYS. CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=104

07:26:10 F9B Client - ASC1047 LOGIN "curtisgh" *********

07:26:10 F9B Server - ASC1047 OK LOGIN completed

07:26:11 F9B Client - ASC1048 SELECT "Outbox"

07:26:11 F9B Server - ASC1048 NO SELECT Mailbox not found: Outbox

07:26:12 F9B Client - ASC1049 SELECT "Inbox"

07:26:12 F9B Server - ASC1049 OK SELECT completed

07:26:14 F9B Client - ASC1050 UID STORE 966 +FLAGS.SILENT \deleted

07:26:14 F9B Server - ASC1050 OK UID STORE completed

07:26:15 F9B Client - ASC1051 EXPUNGE

07:26:16 F9B Server - ASC1051 OK EXPUNGE completed

07:26:18 F9B IMAP4 session ended: 66.xxx.xx.234
07:26:18 F9B *** PHYSICAL PORT DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=104

I have the user setup in GWIA to allow IMAP in the access control. Again
this did work before the upgrade.