How do you set up WAP syncronization, so the mailbox is syncronized and
updated (assuming of course there is a data connection present)???

The intention is to have the ability for the device to syncronize just (1)
inbox wirelessly through his data services, and when he's in house, to
cradle update as needed.

Problem is this,

The head of our company got a siemens SX66 PDA Cell phone; he has data only
services, and there is an account box set up on the device that's bound to
his groupwise address. (I'm really unfamiliar how this account box was set
up, as it was configured when I got to this problem and left with me to
deal with; boss set it up but now is on vacation...)

Long story short, I set up a Win2000 PC w/ ActiveSync 3.8 for him to cradle
it to inhouse (and found that if you try to syncronize the mailbox through
that medium, it ended up creating what appeared to be two separate inboxes
on the device, each with different amounts of items)

So, I found this PDA Connect v1.0SP1 yesterday, and tried that, but I
didn't have enough time to see if it was working (at least on the cradle)
before it was necessary for him to resume using his facilities.