Agonizing is right!
After the initial sync and a day or two passing for a test I tried the "Sync
Server Folders" option... let Versamail go all day (about 7 hours) and every
few minutes it would increase a percent...finally at 100% it gave me a
timeout error! (gee thanks)
That seems completely ridiculous.
What are the main differences between Chattermail and Snappermail? (neither
of which I have yet tried)
I'm using NotifyLink hosted at the moment as a trial to see how that works
but it seems a rather sparse interface, though the calendar syncing is very

"Mike Masse" <> wrote in message
>I just upgraded to the latest Sprint Treo 650 update v1.12 which was
>released last week. It was supposed to have some versamail enhancements,
>but it is still agonizingly slow against a Groupwise 6.5.4 imap server.
>I've tried it against the following Groupwise IMAP servers with no
>difference at all between them:
> Netware 6.5 OS
> GWIA 6.5.2, 6.5.3, 6.5.4, 6.5.5b
> POA 6.5.3, 6.5.4, 6.5.5b
> Linux OS
> GWIA 6.5.4
> I can use the same versamail client against a Linux based (non groupwise)
> imap server running IMAPD and it's a speedy as you would expect from Imap,
> so I don't think it's just a problem with versamail.
> I've seen a number of previous posts about this problem with no solutions.
> Just wondering if anyone has recently found a way to get the Treo 650
> Versamail to work properly against a recent version of any of the various
> IMAP servers available for Groupwise? Are there any tweaks I can do to
> the GWIA to make imap work faster with Versamail? I've tried every
> possible setting on versamail and it makes no difference.
> I've downloaded Snappermail for the Palm, and it works great against
> Groupwise's IMAP servers, but it's interface is horrible so it's not a
> good solution, not to mention it costs money per device.
> Just fishing for any hints is all...
> Mike