I'm not trying to do anything exotic like BlackBerry or anything...just a very generic setup:

--NW 5.1 and 6.5 servers with appropriate patches, clients have specified Tree/Context/Server (most specify a 5.1 server)

--Clients have appropriate DA and Scope in Service Location

--Clients all run WinXP Pro w/appropriate patches

Lab with 20 desktop machines--all work great, 100% clean, no issues ever. Every user who remembers user name and pw can log in with no problems.

Cart with 20 IBM Thinkpad R51 w/integrated 802.11a/g wireless laptops has repeated, intermittent problems. Linksys WAP with extended range/stability features. WAP is in the same room as the client machines, nothing between WAP and clients, not even ceiling tile. Same software config as aforementioned desktops. During setup and testing, I had all 20 clients connected simultaneously, with zero problems, on many occasions.

During training a day or two later, hand out laptops 1 - 14, and units # 6, 8, 9 will not log in. Advanced | Tree shows no available trees. Switch out machines, and 30 minutes later, same three machines now CAN log in fine. Further testing shows that units that had no login issues previously, now have issues (6,8,9 now log in fine, but 2 and 11 do not). And so on..

One fix that generally works is to choose workstation only, let O/S find wireless network. Then go to NW login and log in. Works 70 - 80% of the time. Sometimes not so much...

Also have issues with BM38 proxy, apparently. Some of the laptops are not launching clntrust on startup (it's in the user script). Some do, and red key is showing, but still get "you are not logged in!" BM error when browser is launched. Repeated reload (force reload from origin server) will eventually bring up the site; at that point, user can browse with no issues. I only bring it up in this forum rather than a BM forum, because it *only* occurs with the wireless laptops on this subnet, not the desktops with copper connections.

This setup feels very vanilla to me, not sure why I'm having so many problems. Laptops are meant to be used by one group of 18 or so from 8 am - 9am, different group from 10 am to 11 am (for example). Very tough, 'cause we're taking lots of time just to get them connected.

Any help would be...well...helpful <grin>