I'm researching the ability to sync this device through the Verizon
Wireless Sync "push" method using the PCMonitor software through Outlook
2000 configured for POP3 to our Groupwise 6.5 Server. At one point I had
Outlook configured to pull in this method and it pulled the las 99 mails
from my account and sync'ed them into the outlook inbox (now it won't do
even that anymore?) It didn't sync the calendar, contacts, notes and tasks
when that was working, and I suspect that's the intended behaviour. If
this is so, I'd assume then that using the Verizon Wireless sync method,
will not work to syncronize the PIMs, and is thus no better than
configuring the Wireless Sync to "Retrieve E-mails for Me" through Pop3
every fifteen minutes with no PIM synchronization... Is this Correct? As
far as VersaMail 3.0 goes, that sounds as though it only syncs the email
and not the PIMs too, so that's no better either. So, at that point must
we consider (pay for) Intellisync or some other available (pay for)
middleware as aposed to the upgrade to Groupwise 7 that includes
Intellisync standard? What are my options here?
I really need a solution and fast, as email only with no sync of PIMs is
just not acceptable anymore...