I recently got a request to start investigating the Treo 700w. I have been
reading several posts about how to get them to work since they use the new
Windows Mobile 5.0 software.

I want to know if I have the basics down. It is my understanding the
GroupWise PDA connect will not work. I also understand that Intellisync
is working on a new Wireless sync utility in the first 6 months of 2006.

If that is all correct, which is the best way to sync the Treo 700w?

I know you can do POP3 or IMAP, but will that get anything else outside of
emails (i.e. contacts, calendar, tasks)?

I have read that some poeple have loaded outlook and configured it to read
GroupWise server and just sync the desktop activesync with Outlook. If
this is correct, I am wondering why I get the message "Outlook profile is
either password protected or another profile is selected"?

We are running GroupWise 6.5.5 and looking to upgrade to 7.0.