- GW7
- GW Plugin for Outlook
- Outlook 2003, SP2
- Windows XP
- Office Pro
- Salesforce.com plugin for Outlook

1. CPU spikes 100% for 6 seconds every 1 minute and hangs machine *and
mouse* action.

2. Does not send email when using "Add to Salesforce" SEND button.
(Successfuly adds to SFA, but then, does ont send email thru GW mail server.

3. Sometimes does not send email (direct Send button), and email appears in
Outlook "Sent Items" folder. **I do not know that the email was NOT
successfully sent.**

4. Outlook hangs/"not responding"/"end process" all the time; 10x per day.

Please help me address these issues - Literally killing my productivity.
As you can imagine, a byproduct of these issues is that I lose
emails-in-progress all day long. This is incredibly frustrating.

Thank you in advance,