Without doing any research company decided to just get BB's - I guess one
salesman like them so the other 2 salesman got them. I have done the palm
pilot sync in the past and have not had any problems.

So I install the BB desktop software, connect BB via USB to laptop and then
do my 1st sync, works like a charm - except to my surprise no email is
synced, looks like that is not even an option with the Desktop client.

The user would be prefectly happy if they could sync their GW email to their
PDA via the USB cable attached to Laptop. So I start looking for options.

Company will not spend the money that BES or NotifyLink cost so they are not
an option for just 3 users.

Will PDA Connect from Novell work with BB.

I did a google search and I have not found anything that will allow me to
sync the BB to GW via USB cable. Still can't see why BB didn't include this
option anyway

So if PDA Connect doesn't work it looks like I am limitted to having user
get in using the GW webacc, or a POP3 or IMAP account. Unless their is a GW
client for BB as we can access the PO from internet using the GW client.

PO/GWIA is setup for POP3/IMAP access but firewall is not setup yet.

Now before I start pursuing this option and reconfigure firewall.

Will the BB be able to access the GW system via POP3/IMAP account and which
one would be a better choice?