Groupwise 6.5sp4, BES 4.0.

The trusted app is installed and works on all of our post offices running
on Novell, but does not seem to be able to login to the one PO we having
running on Windows 2003 Server sp1. Other post offices (running on
Novell) under this same secondary domain work okay too. I have tried to
force the replication of the Trusted App again, rebuilt the PO, but to no

When the Blackberry contacts the PO, the client (network) and groupwise
login okay, but then the RIM BES doesn't and disconnects. On other post
offices, we see a [RIM BES] after the client login, but it never shows on
this Windows PO. The BES log shows failed to login - but Why?
I have not been able to find any way to actually check to see if the
trusted key is replicated to the PO, only to the domain. Why wouldn't it
replicate to only this Post office? - I believe it must have something to
do with running a PO on Windows, but just don't know what!
Anyone out there with some clue?