I am testing a Treo 650 currently. I have set up two accounts to retrieve
email. One uses IMAP and the other uses POP. The IMAP account is very slow,
taking about 1 second per email during the "Checking for new messages"
stage. It does this every time, so a user with 300 messages in their Inbox
takes about 5 minutes to get through this step, then another 30-45 seconds
of download time for each 10 messages. The POP account spends only a couple
of seconds on the "Checking for new messages" stage and then downloads.

Are there any advantages to using IMAP over POP? Am I creating any major
security issues by opening up port 110 on my firewall (it was not previously
open). For now, we are only looking at being able to synch email on the
road. The users can attach to their laptops to update any contact or
calendar info. What is the recommended solution for basic calendar and
contact synching? We currently use a mix of GW PDA Connect and Intellisync.